Us & Our Bus


Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are M & M . . . . Matthias born in Germany, Marisa in Canada to Italian parents. We have lived in Australia, Canada, England, France and Japan. Home is now Bonn, in Germany’s Rhine Valley, where the fast-flowing Rhine river connects a range of small mountains, steep vineyards, ancient castles and quaint villages.


With our latest project VWSamba65 we combine our love of classic cars, good wine and food, the beauty of the Rhine and Ahr valleys and meeting interesting people from all over the world.


We are your hosts and look forward to designing your personalised experience with our 1965 VW Samba Bus.





Our Bus

For the better part of her life, Samba65 lived a blessed life….quite literally. She was the main transport bus at a convent in San Paolo, Brazil. The bus transported the Sisters daily from the convent to their various charitable duties in the favela neighbourhoods. When we took possession of Samba65 we were delighted to see “Jesus tea ma” (Jesus loves me) written at the front of the bus and “Deus é Fiel” (God is faithful) on the windshield. We took that as a sign that our new venture with the bus would also be blessed.


After 2 years of restoration, Samba65 is a gorgeous pearl-white and bordeaux-red bus with 23 windows and a sun-roof. There are 2 benches that fit 4 to 6 passengers comfortably. With tours and special events in mind, we have equipped the bus with an electrical cool box for much-needed wine stops, a USB connection for music direct from a mobile phone (yours or ours) and LED lights for a fun evening atmosphere.


Why is she called Samba? Samba is the name of the model of bus that has 23 windows, including 8 panoramic windows in the roof and curved windows in the rear corners. Instead of a sliding door at the side of the bus, Samba has two doors opening out in opposite directions. Volkswagen originally developed this model for tourist trips into the Alps where the windows and sunroof allow for optimal mountain viewing.

Photos 1, 2, 6, 7 & 8 by sweetnorth