Corporate Events

Emotional Capital

There is something undeniably charming about our classic

VW Samba bus. Children are drawn to its form and colour, young people like the hippie vibe and the older generation relive their youth vicariously through the retro bus.


This emotional capital can be harnessed by you and your company. Whether it be for a company event, a trade fair or in an advertising campaign, we can help create the effect you are aiming to achieve to reach your target audience. Possibilities are limited only by your imagination but could include:

-       create an advertising campaign featuring photos of the bus branded with your company logo, in front of your building or with staff popping out of the sun roof, or with your products laid out in the bus

-       forgo a booth and have the bus be your trade-fair presence where potential customers can join you in the bus for a presentation or a coffee and a consultation 

-       add some retro fun to your company party: take photos of your staff in 60s clothing having fun with the bus

- use the bus as an eye-catcher to draw people in to your open-house or sale 


Executive Retreat

Want to treat a small group of your top executives to a day out of the office? We can design an outing for a small group of people (maximum 6 or 7) that could be as simple as a drive with the sun-roof down, or include a group hike, a winery visit, a gourmet lunch. For more ideas see Tours or Contact us to start the conversation.